Colmar Contracting, Inc.

Colmar Contracting works with owners on potential projects and is awarded projects through negotiations as well as bids.  Visit our website to see the most current projects that we are working on and accepting proposals from subcontractors.  Request for proposals are sent out to subcontractors that have been pre-qualified.  If you are not currently on on vendor list, please see the subcontractor qualification form.


Muirs Landing                             Woodside Mills                            Grace's Reserve

Greensboro, NC                          Greenville, SC                             Kannapolis, NC

Multifamily New Construction       Multifamily Renovation                 Multifamily New Construction

Biscuitville                                  Pendleton Mills                            White Oak         

Cameron, NC                              Pendleton, NC                             Asheville, NC

Commercial New Construction      Multifamily New Construction        Multifamily New Construction